Our Open Online Course on Medical Professionalism


Our PILOT attempt at enabling equitable access to learning that is informal, inter professional, collaborative and easily accessed from anywhere, anytime and through any device the student chooses

This was a course on Medical Professionalism and had students from Africa, the South Asian subcontinent , Europe and Australia. The students were from a varied inter-professional background — doctors, nurses, head of NGO’s , students. The contributors included subject matter experts from the Mayo Clinic, Professors from South Asia and Australasia.

The internet had suddenly enabled a nurse in rural Ghana to access education from the best minds in the field who were thousands of miles away — at her own time and in the device of her own choosing.

The internet truly enables empowerment. Could this be one of the many solutions to foster a more equitable world ?


Equitable Access to Informal Collaborative Learning — The Way forward for a brave new world


Great talk by Sugata Mitra on leveraging the cloud to enable equitable access to informal learning.

Jay Cross in his Book on informal learning says

Formal learning is like riding a bus: the driver decides where the bus is going; the passengers are along for the ride. Informal learning is like riding a bicycle: the rider chooses the destination and the route.

Could these¬†educational systems foster such riders who may well come back with innovative solutions for the “Wicked Problems” faced by society today ?